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The genesis of his idea originated from the gaps in the education system during his college days. It surprised him that he was studying almost the same in a professional college what his brother studied 10 years back. During his industrial training in the third year, he realized that technologies and skills required in the enterprises are miles apart from the education being imparted and skills being developed in colleges and felt himself to be from a primitive world. He got his first job purely on the aptitude and was thrown in the industry like a non-swimmer is thrown in the sea. It took him a lot of effort to overcome the turbulence of professional world to obtain the desired skills and upgrade the technological knowledge. He moved up the corporate ladder very quickly and his growth was attributed to his continuous zeal to acquire new skills and knowledge in demand. There were a lot of institutes that mushroomed offering technological skills, however, the majority of them ran them like a business without a vision or a mission and many of them died their own death. During his corporate journey, he envisioned EDOILA “Voila of education”. They, all likeminded and having known each other for ages used to discuss industry, technology, and academics over informal get-togethers. During one of such get-togethers, the belief got strengthened and precisely in two full days meeting between the Originators, EDOILA was born. After the appreciation of the programs by the industry and veterans, they decided to bring EDOILA closer to the student community. Together, they cherry-picked the areas of skills and knowledge that not only benefit the job seeker and employer but have a transformational impact on the human lives. Education that does not better the life of learner and society is no education. The team of EDOILA formed the organization on this very principle and basis. They work with uncompromised principles of quality, integrity, and values.

About Us

EDOILA is an ingenious knowledge and skills delivery institute centered to tide over the gap between industry and academe by offering innovative, new generation and well-updated industry accredited courses crafted by the veterans. EDOILA provides courses in the fields of Business Analytics, Data Science, Big Data Technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing. The courses are added and updated with an aim of providing the latest and transformational skills and knowledge. Our illustrious network made up of wide-ranging and diversified domestic and global companies serves as an exceptional platform for successful careers and up-skilling for existing workforce at eminent companies and organizations from all sectors. Our versatilely talented and industrially experienced team with unmatched abilities understand the learner`s aspirations and Industry pulse extremely well to enable employment and current workforce up-skilling courses to add greater value to the organization.

our practice area

To be one of the leading organizations world-wide for new generation skills and knowledge delivery in area of technology that helps businesses and individuals to grow and add value to the lives of citizens.

Ensuring highest quality standards by having best in class faculty and mentors, use of state of the art technology, processes and building global industry network for employment and upskilling to deliver the best value.

We do commerce with morality and the core values we practice are:

Integrity: Fairness, honesty, transparency and ethics in our conduct in everything we do.

Quality: Committed to achieve the best standards of quality.

Relationship with Stakeholders: We will invest in our employees, industry and associated ecosystem to enable latest skills and knowledge delivery, and build and nurture collaborative relationships based on transparency, openness, trust and mutual respect.

Societal Responsibility: We will base ourselves with environmental and social principles in our approach, with the aim to deliver many folds better what we get from society.

Early Mover: We will be expeditious and swift in taking challenges and ownership putting learner’s satisfaction as the main indicator for our organization.

Benchmarks And Baseliners

The programs are delivered by the team with academic and industry excellence. The majority faculty construct is from leading institutes including IITs/NITs or of matching repute.
Employability & Growth
The courses are focused on current employment/growth drivers. The program design and delivery are of globally accepted standards with a key focus on creating Human assets of great organizational value.
ICT, Systems & Processes
EDOILA thrives on best in class technology to support the partners, students, faculty and the ecosystem for seamless, effective and organized engagement. EDOILA adopts mature and tested process methodology and systems.
Holistic Nurturing
The delivery incorporates finishing modules that enhance the overall value of the resource. It includes all the required skills and knowledge for a successful career. EDOILA goes beyond the subject matter area for holistic nurturing.
Resource Center
The knowledge and skills in technology space have a short shelf life. To provide the insights and knowledge on the latest trends and the road ahead, EDOILA maintains a resource center to be Paced with the Pace of time.
Social Impact
The evolvement of technology is with the purpose of improving human lives. Not only the partners, students, and the industries, but EDOILA strives with the mindset to participate in initiatives delivering the impact to the last mile.



For Special

our courses

Establishing centers of excellence for integrated & inclusive education

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Python is prominent, very much supported and “readable” programming language that everybody from Managers to Analysts to Web Designers can leverage. 

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digital marketing

Digital marketing is far beyond than simply composing interesting captions. At the point when it’s set well, it’s a genuine upper hand that builds business and gives it a pace in no time. It’s the future of marketing.

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big data

Hadoop is one of the most demanding technologies that has made possible to analyze big data to reach at right decision in various industry to human lives. 

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machine learning

Django is a high-level Python Web framework used for rapid and pragmatic design. Django is fast, secure and scalable. 

Originators and Master Faculty

Data Science
Founder, CEO
Data Engineering
Digital Marketing
Sanjeev Malhotra
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
our originators
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Bharat Bhushan
A scientist and technology leader with 20 years of experience in finest technology and research organizations including Citrix Inc.' Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Center, Motorola & Tata. 

I have been in industry as a scientist and technologist for 20 years and learnt the power of data and intelligent machines. The future is certainly of Big Data, AI and Machine learning. They will provide great citizen and business value. I upskilled myself with EDOILA program on Big Data, I must say that they stand out. I wish the EDOILA  the very best they deserve.

Rajiv Kumar Singh
Top consultant to VNO's and ISP's with a rich experience in Network planning and operations as per Telecom compliance, also worked for Indian and Afghanistan Govt.

I see that the use of Big Data and Machine learning in telecom networks will be much needed and unavoidable. The use will improve network security, predictive maintenance, real-time network analysis, and CDR analysis. The course that EDOILA offers is quite evolved and have very experienced professionals from industry. The telecom background of the management team has helped them build  a very good telecom oriented program.

Rajneesh Gambhir
IIM Alumni and senior finance professional with 20 years of experience, played advisory roles for banks in international and Indian market.

I feel privileged to learn fundamentals of Big Data and Predictive Analysis from the EDOILA team; the delivery is very practical and meaningful. The case studies and assignments were of real life and they directly related to my domain. An excellent team and Management. Truly world class!

Dr Surender Singh
Dr. Surendra Singh is an Agriculture Specialist who has worked in India, US, Europe and African countries and has a doctorate degree from Russia from University- People's Friendship University, Moscow.

India’s 62% workforce is deployed in Agriculture, the technologies and tools can help the produce to grow tremendously. The use of Big Data and AI can bring a big boost in Agriculture sector. Smart farming and precision agriculture are the way to move forward along with better analysis of weather forecast using the tools and technologies. EDOILA’s customized course on Agricultural segment provides transformational insights. A must for Agricultural reformists.

Santosh Rawat
Ex Branch Head (Max Life).

The digital medium has become unavoidable for any professional in today’s ERA. I need to use it for reaching out to the customers and serving them well. EDOILA offered a flexible program for working executive like me. It was a wonderful experience and today I find myself very confident with Digital Media and using its power in my work. EDOILA’s staff is adorable.

Ashwin Kundra

Today it is a must for an exporter to learn digital marketing. Its not only about getting a website in place, its much more. I was feeling a compelling need to upgrade myself with digital marketing knowledge, EDOILA turned out to a very good option for me. I enjoyed the way the delivered the program. Full of practical knowledge and I was glad that they picked up my business as a project which helped me relate to my field. I am seeing the results of what I learnt. I thank EDOILA team and wish them good luck.

Pawan Gupta
Highly successful and reputed finance professional in global industry with 30 years of experience. An IT savy Charted Accounted and Certified Information System Auditor 2006 from ISACA US, has worked in leading banks, financial institutions, logistics companies.  

Use of Big Data and Machine learning plays a big role in finance and banking. There is a need for the banking and financial institutes to upgrade their skills in this area to become efficient and all spheres of the functions in their organization’s.  EDOILA as an organization is doing a very good job to train professionals in Big Data and Machine learning.  I find them up to mark in all the aspects of learning.

Rohit Goel
A renowned HR professional with 24 years of experience specializing in organization development. Currently a strategic consultant to large organizations. Help leadership positions in Triburg, Expoglobe Inc. and served as a CEO of Oro Leather Pvt/ Limited.

We see major demand coming up for Big Data and Machine learning from all industries. We are suggesting all our clients as it increases their business outcomes and jobseekers to acquire these skills as these skills are in demand and there is a supply shortage. EDOILA team is highly experienced and professional and very honest to their jobI recommend them to my clients and job seekers.

Amit Gupta
ICT and operational excellence expert. Currently an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in Europe, US and Indian market. Worked as a senior leader with Tata Consultancy Services.

EDOILA has a highly qualified and experienced team with a mature delivery methodology for skilling Enterprise and Individuals of Big data and Machine learning. We find them as a good partner whom we can confidently recommend to our high repute customers.

Shahed Naseem
Shahed comes with over 30 years of global experience including USA, Sri Lanka & Pakistan. He has driven several startups to the success line and has been widely known as a "Driver of Change” through technology and innovations.

Today no serious business can actually grow and obtain a reasonable market share without technological innovations and EDOILA offering Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Digital Marketing expertise to the region is a actually a great opportunity for all level of businesses to take themselves to the next level of success through these courses.

“Time to Change, let’s Train”.

Vikas Jain
A former business leader in financial institutes including ICICI Bank. Currently ,an entrepreneur in emerging IT technologies.

The masterclass delivered by the EDOILA team on business analytics and Artificial Intelligence was outstanding. No technical jargons., they made it very seamless and effective which was well aligned with my experience in business management and financial analytics. Very passionate and experienced faculty.

Chinmoy Misra
Practice Head at Hexaware Technologies. Has 18 years of experience. Worked in large IT and Telecom companies in functions including product management, business management in India and overseas.

EDOILA is addressing the challenge of bridging skills and knowledge gap in Big Data, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence. A superb team with superb passion and commitment.

Dr Lalit Bhushan

Big data and Machine learning will strengthen the application of economics all where. I recommend that every economist and student of economics must learn to use these powerful resources. I met EDOILA team and looked at their meticulous programs, I found them very relevant to my field. EDOILA is the team of people with wisdom.


Utkarsh Khari
B.com(Hons),SGND Khalsa College.

Edoila is the best Institute in Gurgaon for learning digital Marketing.

Shaurya Sharma
BTech, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Building e-commerce platform at EDOILA was really challenging and great learning experience.

Aditi Arora
BBA-LLB, Amity University, Noida.

Thanks EDOILA for putting me in right career direction.

Gagandeep Mangla
BBA, BML Munjal University.

EDOILA is awesome.

Yamini Routhan
B.com(Hons.), IITM Janakpuri.

EDOILA is world class.

Sanjay Singh
BA History(Hons.), SGND Khalsa College.

The practical learnings at EDOILA helped me to move up in my career.

Tanya Vijay
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, Asian Academy of Film and Television(Marwah Studio).

EDOILA is a wonderful institute for learning digital marketing.

Prapti Wadhwa
BA History(Hons.), SGND Khalsa College.

EDOILA has a great and senior faculty.

Ayushmaan Koul
BBA, Jamiya Miliya Islamiya College.

I worked on live campaigns of a travel company while learning Digital Marketing at EDOILA. Great real-time learning experience.

Deepak Kumar
Desktop Support Engineer, Software Company.

Worked on live projects of python at Edoila. They are just not a faculty but industry experts.

Anant Jain
B.com(Hons), SGND Khalsa College.

Digital Marketing learning was made very simple by EDOILA. Great institute.

Suresh Kumar
Sales Consultant, Apple Retail Store.

Aside from learning digital marketing from Edoila, I personally learned a lot about customer relationship management skills. They offer wholistic programs.

Ankit Tiwari
Back Operation, British Telecom.

I challenged myself to learn digital skills to perform better in my life. Edoila made it so easy for me. The two real-world projects that I executed gave me huge confidence.

Kumar Shashwat
Architect and Urban Planner, Development 2050.

I have known the promoters of Edoila Institute for a long time and has always been impressed by their exposure and enthusiasm in advanced technology streams and spreading the knowledge through well-curated training programs. I wish Team Edoila a very successful journey ahead.

Vibhakar Pandey
Assistant Manager-Operations, Vertex.

The live project really helped me to get a good career start. I want to switch my career in sales and marketing. Apart from digital marketing tools, I learned important skills in sales and marketing from the highly experienced faculty of EDOILA.

Renu Rawat
Sr. Customer Care Executive, The Week Magazine.

I am happy that I made a choice of Edoila for learning digital marketing. A very professional and caring team.

Reetika Bisht
Assistant Manager, Reputed Management Institute.

I want to switch my career in sales and marketing. Apart from Digital Marketing tools, I learned important skills in sales and marketing at EDOILA.

Natasha Bhatia
Sr. Sales Executive, Satya Developers.

Thanks to Edoila team. I am applying and seeing results of what I learned in the digital program. Their continual support ever after the completion of course is really unexpected from any other institute. A faculty of industry leaders!

Divya Mishra
M.com, M D University Rohtak.

Edoila promised me of 45 hours of learning in the crash course in digital marketing. But they exceeded the hours. I can reach them for help wherever I want.

Gurmeet Kaur
Senior Associate Platform L2 at Sapient Consulting Pvt Ltd.

“Learnt python from Edoila and worked on the live project of e-commerce retail. Engaging program and excellent team”.

Ankit Modi
Operation Executive,Management University.

“Digital Marketing course offered by Edoila is awesome.
I feel very confident after learning digital marketing”.

Vikas Bhatia
AGM (Sales) at Vector Projects India Pvt. Ltd.

The customer service indicators are getting redefined by the explosion of digital media. Edoila has an excellent program mix for working professionals like us. Edoila has senior and wonderful faculty.

Neha Goel
Manager, Max Insurance.

The understanding of digital marketing can really help the marketer to perform much better. EDOILA  is just the right choice for working executives. They stand apart from other institutes. I am glad that I made this great choice for learning.

Mahima Nayyar
B.com - Computers,Mahima Ethames Degree College.

I completed my Digital Marketing course from EDOILA. The course really helped to perform better in my job and has opened up big opportunities for me. EDOILA has excellent and caring faculty. Last but not the least, the finishing.

Surbhi Verma
On-line faculty for advanced chemistry, MIsostudy.

EDOILA’s course material and delivery methodology are wonderful. It provided me with so many digital insights that I was unaware of and today I am able to make use of them effectively in my work.

Akshay Verma
Business analyst, VGO.

I attended the Hadoop course at EDOILA. They have experienced teachers and special sessions are organized by seniors. I worked on real time and live projects  of e-retail and healthcare. This learning has helped moved up in my career. Thanks to team EDOILA.

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EDOILA is committed to deliver continual knowledge and skills to EDOILITES through lifelong access to LMS, Industry Information dissemination and counseling with mentors for career progression. Platform ensures mutual growth of EDOILITES.

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Asked Questions

We have a variety of courses to offer our students. Starting with Digital Marketing Training, Fundamental and Advanced Courses of Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence; we also have Big Data, Hadoop and many more!

Yes, we do have flexible loan options available for the students who wish to enroll in any of our courses including Digital Marketing Training, Python, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We, at Edoila focus on 100% Employability for all of our courses. Also, we do have 100% Job Guarantee on several courses including Full Stack Digital Marketing Training.

We have a plethora of options available for Digital Marketing Training Programs starting from 1 month Fundamental Digital Marketing to 7 months full stack Digital Marketing Training.

Student Satisfaction is our motto. We do have demo class free of charge for all of our courses on every weekend to give you a rough idea about our teaching parameters and state of the art syllabi.

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